Woodland Burials, Swansea

Woodland Burials

A typical woodland burial site

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Woodland Burial at Oystermouth Cemetery

Oystermouth's woodland burial ground offers a natural alternative to conventional burial and cremation options.  Whilst woodland sites have been established already in various parts of Britain, this is the first of its kind in Swansea and South West Wales and there are many features associated with it that certainly make it unique.

There is increasing concern within society for the protection of the environment.  However, many people do not realise that, since 1949, woodland clearance has increased and over 50% of our ancient woods (more than 35 million trees) have been lost.  This loss is not only to the landscape but to the associated wildlife.  A single mature oak can be a home to several hundred species of insects, birds and mammals whilst the bark supports many mosses and ferns.

Oystermouth's woodland site is managed as an area where new trees are planted to complement existing mature trees - all being allowed to flourish and remain, whilst also being able to accommodate burials. This approach reinforces the concept of life's regular renewal, and it offers the opportunity to contribute to the future quality and health of the natural environment, and in doing so to create a meaningful memorial to past lives.  This can have a particular significance for those coming to terms with their own mortality or having to face the permanence of a loss they have experienced.

Each burial will help to enhance the woodland habitat whilst every woodland grave offers the opportunity for those departed to 'return to nature' and help contribute to the formation and preservation of a natural and beautiful woodland.  This service is available to people of all beliefs and denominations and encompasses funeral services and ceremonies, both religious and secular, and provides for the emotional and spiritual needs of the bereaved or of those who wish to plan for the future during their own lifetime.

The area is designed to allow visitors full appreciation of the natural beauty of the woodland while offering at the same time an appropriate environment for remembrance, meditation and quiet contemplation.