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Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What are the different types of funeral services available?

There are several types of funeral services available, each with its own unique features and options. Some of the most common types of funeral services include:

1. Traditional Funeral Service: This is a formal and traditional service that typically includes a wake, funeral ceremony, and graveside service. The body maybe embalmed and placed in a coffin, which is often displayed during the wake and funeral ceremony.

2. Memorial Service: A memorial service is like a traditional funeral service, but without the body present. This type of service can be held at any time after the person has died and can take place in a funeral home, church, or other location.

3. Graveside Service: A graveside service is a brief service held at the burial site after the coffin has been lowered into the ground. It can be held in conjunction with a traditional funeral service or as a standalone service.

4. Cremation Service: A cremation service can take place before or after a funeral service and typically involves the cremation of the body. The cremated remains may be placed in an urn, scattered, or buried.

5. Green Burial: A green burial is an environmentally friendly option that involves burying the body without embalming or using a traditional coffin. The body is often placed in a biodegradable container or shroud and buried in a natural setting.