Space: The Final Frontier

Ascension Flights offers a special memorial service to scatter a person’s ashes miles above Earth

Founded by the entrepreneurs behind the world’s leading Near Space flight company Sent Into Space, Ascension Flights offers an exceptional memorial service. Using the technology developed by their parent company to test aerospace equipment and conduct scientific research, the service offers the opportunity to scatter a person’s ashes in space. 

The Ascension Flights team use lighter-than-air gas balloons to travel through the atmosphere to the edge of space. Once the balloon reaches the region known as Near Space, a specialised scattering mechanism disperses the ashes in a gentle cascade against the stunning backdrop of Earth suspended in the vacuum of space. 

The entire flight and moment of release are even captured on camera to produce a stunning memorial video for the loved ones of the deceased.

 It may sound like a niche offering, but the service has proved extremely popular. Ascension Flights are now offered in more than 200 independent funeral homes across the country.

The entry level Serenity Launch costs just £895. You can learn more by ring Alan on 01792 771232