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Space: The Final Frontier

Ascension Flights offers a special memorial service to scatter a person’s ashes miles above Earth Founded by the entrepreneurs behind the world’s leading Near Space flight company Sent Into Space, Ascension Flights offers an exceptional memorial service. Using the technology developed by their parent company to test aerospace equipment and conduct scientific research, the service

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What is a natural burial?

What is a natural burial? Natural burials are emerging as a popular alternative to traditional burials and cremation. Here, we look at what natural burials, or woodland burials, are, how much they cost and how they differ from more mainstream options. Environmentally friendly burials Natural burials, also known as woodland or green burials, aim to return the

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Let’s start the conversation

Join us at 12 Noon on Wed 16 May for a special coffee morning we are hosting as part of Dying Matters Awareness Week. The week is all about asking the right questions today so you and your loved ones can remove the confusion and anxiety that often arises when we avoid talking about dying,

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