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Making Funerals Special

Unique personalised touches can be a fitting way to say goodbye to someone special. We can help you plan for special funerals.

A good send-off

Creative ideas for Special Funerals

More and more people are embracing unusual and poignant ideas for making funerals special. Unique personalised touches and special funerals can be a fitting way to say goodbye to someone special.


Woodland Burial at Oystermouth Cemetery

Oystermouth’s woodland burial ground offers a natural alternative to conventional burial and cremation options. Whilst woodland sites have been established already in various parts of Britain, this is the first of its kind in Swansea and South West Wales and there are many features associated with it that certainly make it unique.

special funerals - woodland burials swansea
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This service is available to people of all beliefs and denominations and encompasses special funerals, services and ceremonies, both religious and secular, and provides for the emotional and spiritual needs of the bereaved or of those who wish to plan for the future during their own lifetime.

Choose a personalised casket

People are becoming increasingly creative with coffin and personalised casket choices as a way of celebrating a person’s life and their interests.

special funerals - Floral Cardboard Coffin

Some coffin-makers specialise in colourful and patterned coffins, with a vast range of designs, from flowers, butterflies and stars, to music-themed designs, national flags and animals.

Some companies even allow you to custom design a coffin with a specific image, a perfect idea for special funerals.

special funerals personalised-coffin

Another option is choosing a plain coffin and inviting close friends and family members to decorate it with drawings or messages for their loved one. You could use permanent marker pens, paint, crayons or stickers.

Some people find that being closely involved in such a way helps them understand the grief they are feeling and say goodbye to their loved one.

Consider a glass keepsake

A recent innovation allows artisan glass blowers to incorporate small portions of ashes into their creations, for an unusual and beautiful tribute.

John Edwards Funeral Directors are able to offer this service, with a wide choice of colours and designs. Glass spheres are popular, with bright, shimmering colours that reflect the light. You can also get glass pendants for keepsake necklaces.

special funerals - Ashes into glass

Personalise The Order Of Service


special funerals - Orders of Service cards

Order of service booklets are often handed out at funerals. Most commonly they are quite plain, with perhaps one photograph on the front cover. However, these booklets are another opportunity to personalise the funeral.

The cover could be a collage of many different photographs of the person who has passed away. You might even add captions to each photo to explain where and when it was taken.

Not only will this look colourful, it will also serve as a unique keepsake for the mourners to take away. Mourners who are not close friends or family may not have access to photographs of the person who has passed away, so this is a fitting way to share memories of them with everyone in the congregation.

John Edwards Funeral directors are able to assist with the ordering and printing of funeral stationery – ask us what options are available.

Get Creative With The Transport

Black motor hearses may be traditional, but you may feel that something a little more special than a standard funeral car is in order . John Edwards Funeral Directors offer a wider range of transport options to match the personality of your loved one.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Colourful

It is becoming more and more common for people to request ‘anything but black’ for a funeral, whether that’s the dress code, hearse or casket.

You can ask mourners to wear bright colours, or an item of a particular colour, if your loved one had a favourite. Alternatively, you could hand out flowers of their favourite colours at the entrance to the funeral service.

These could then be placed onto the coffin before burial or mourners could take them home as a keepsake.

special funerals - cemetery pink flowers

Sports Themed Funerals

When you think about funerals, you might think about stuffy flowers and boring music. If you recently lost a loved one who was a sports fan, however, you may want to do something a little more special to honour your friend or family member’s life and passions. For example, a great option is to plan a sports-themed funeral.

special funerals - sports themed funerals

Sports Themed Flowers

special funerals - sports themed funerals

Sports Themed Clothing

Swansea City Coffin- sports themed funerals

Sports Themed Coffin