Funeral Costs

Every funeral is unique and personal and the final cost will depend on the options you choose….

Open and Honest Pricing

We are confident in our prices because we think it’s important to be upfront and honest with you about your options.

The final funeral costs will depend on the options you choose, for example, the type of coffin and funeral vehicles, or if you require flowers, stationery or memorials. Third party fees that are out of our control may also vary by location, including minister, celebrant, doctors and crematorium / burial fees.

During the funeral arrangement, you will have as much time as you need and we will guide you through the available options to suit both your budget and wishes.

We will give you total privacy to discuss or alter anything you wish before you make your final choices. A detailed written estimate of all the agreed costs will then be provided, followed by a fully itemised invoice after the funeral has taken place.

Our costs are based on 3 components. For the overall funeral costs you will need to add the selected items you require from each of these sections.

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Funeral Directors Fees

These include transporting the deceased and caring for them at their premises, or in some cases transport direct to the funeral venue; negotiating with and paying the cemetery or crematorium. Fees may include a simple coffin and use of a hearse.


Unavoidable fees paid to other people when you are buried or cremated. We usually manage these payments for you.

They include burial or cremation fees; fees the minister charges if you have a service; fixed fees paid to two doctors who must complete medical certificates required if you want to be cremated. If a death is referred to the coroner, who requires a post mortem or inquest, the coroner issues a certificate for cremation.

Discretionary costs

These are affected by the type of service you want and how much friends and family do themselves.

They include a more expensive coffin, pallbearers, horse drawn carriage, cars to take family members to the service, flowers, printing an order of service, organist, catering and placing an announcement in the paper.

Funeral Costs 2022

Download a copy of our Latest Funeral prices for 2022

Download your copy of our Latest Funeral Prices for 2021. To get an Accurate Estimate for your loved one Please Fill out our Contact Us form or Call Alan on 01792929257

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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

a Guaranteed Service from Golden Charter

Our plans can be relied upon by providing you with a guarantee from the funeral director that they will deliver their services, no matter how far into the future on the terms agreed today ensuring that your arrangements are fully protected against any changes to the company or to general financial circumstances.

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