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Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What is included in a typical funeral package?

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A typical funeral package may vary depending on the funeral home and the specific services and products selected, but generally, it includes: 1. Basic Services Fee: This fee covers the funeral home’s overhead costs, including staff salaries, facilities maintenance, and administrative expenses. 2. Preparation of the Deceased: This includes washing and dressing the body, and […]

What options are available for burial or cremation in the UK?

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In the UK, there are several options available for burial or cremation, including: 1. Traditional Burial: This involves burying the body in a cemetery or other designated burial site. The body may be placed in a coffin and buried in the ground, or it may be placed in an above-ground mausoleum or vault. 2. Natural […]

What are the legal requirements for a funeral in the UK?

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In the UK, the legal requirements for a funeral include: 1. Registering the Death: The death must be registered with the local registrar of births, deaths, and marriages within five days of the death, unless a coroner is investigating the circumstances of the death. The registrar will issue a death certificate, which is required before […]

How do I plan a funeral for a loved one?

Planning a funeral for a loved one can be a difficult and emotional task, but there are several steps you can take to help make the process easier: 1. Contact a Funeral Director: The first step in planning a funeral is to contact a funeral director. Funeral directors can help guide you through the funeral […]

What are the different types of funeral services available?

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There are several types of funeral services available, each with its own unique features and options. Some of the most common types of funeral services include: 1. Traditional Funeral Service: This is a formal and traditional service that typically includes a wake, funeral ceremony, and graveside service. The body maybe embalmed and placed in a […]

Direct cremation and normal cremation. What’s the difference?

Direct cremation is increasing in popularity, but normal cremations are still the preferred choice. So, what’s the difference? By far, the most common funeral option chosen in the UK is cremation.  In fact, cremation is typically chosen more than 3 times as often as a traditional burial. At John Edwards Funeral Directors, we offer a […]

Woodland burials

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Environmental concerns about the eco-damage done by traditional funerals – both burials and cremation – over the past 30 years have led to a rapid expansion of what is known as ‘woodland burials’.  There is concern about CO2 emissions resulting from cremation (which also account for 16% of mercury emissions in the UK due to […]

Types of funeral

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There is a wider variety and freedom of funeral and burial choice than ever. From high church to secular and humanist, with a traditional interment through to cremation or a ‘natural’ burial – or even having the deceased’s ashes set in jewellery or blasted off in a firework display. There are now many different types […]